Describe your customers' groups for your clothing brand. What are they? Make a profile of each customers' group - location, income, preferences, shopping habits, etc.. What are their needs? What problems do they have, which need will be solved by you product or service?

By identifying your target customer for your apparel brand, it will be easier to design, strategize your segments and develop an effective business plan.

A customer profile is a detailed description of your ideal customer. You can have one or several profiles, but if you have too many you can lose focus. This information will help you in your range planning, in the product design and development phase and in your marketing and sales pitches.

·        Gender;

·        Age;

·        Marital status;

·        Education;

·        Job;

·        Income;

·        Religion;

·        Country;

·        Living environment;

·        Lifestyle;

·        Interests;

·        Values;

·        Style;

·        Vacation and free time;

·        Shopping behavior and motive;

·        Online or offline shopping preferences;

·        Goals and aspirations;

·        What social networks do they prefer?

·        Where do they consume their news?

·        What challenges do they face?

·        What are their pain points?

·        How do they decide to spend their money?

·        What would make your customers recommend your brand to their friends?

·        Best ways to reach your customer.

Do the first stage of the Design Thinking process and learn more about your customers. Get to know them better by empathizing with them. The better you know your customers, the more effective you will be in reaching them and giving them what they realy want.

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