Section outline

  • Requirements for textile materials require continuous improvement of the production process of polymers, fibers, materials, clothing, footwear and equipment, which take on new properties and thus provide the necessary protective/functional  properties.

    Introduction - Learners will learn about
    § new technologies,
    § methods,
    § processes and
    § functional properties of such treated textiles.

    Such properties would be based on novel technology and biomimetic approach from nature which will be by using appropriate techniqes transfered onto the textiles surface and structure.

    Learners will be informed how complex textile structure influenced on the treatment effectiveness and desired properties.
    Through the course the processing equipments will be described, the physical-chemical nature of the polymer materials, as well as the most important functionalities provided by these techniques.
    The course will be focused on the use of innovative ICT technologies, eco-friendly processes in order to equip learners with relevant skills and knowledge, as well as with responsibilities for developing a novel material functionalities and environmentally friendly. 
    Literature for e-course and all necessarry materials (statistical analysis, market demand, etc.) will be a part of elective e-course.